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Net Neutrality aka Pandora’s Box

In CONTROVERSY, POLITICS TODAY on December 23, 2010 at 9:45 am

By Maurice E. Duhon, Jr.


Did you tell the World Wide Web thank you today?  Or did you peer through your favorite blog, and totally take your world wired web for granted.  If you are guilty of taking the dub dub dub for granted, hear this…  There are forces, i.e. America’s largest communications corporations, that are lobbying their way into the Federal Communications Commission’s eyes and ears and they’ve been visiting heavily since 2005.

These corporations are attempting to alter a system and a concept that we all interact with on a daily basis.  The lobbying attempts of these corporations cannot and must not be ignored because of the simple fact that the FCC, this week, recently held a vote to change rules concerning net neutrality and the ways in which your internet is governed, broadband speeds are determined, denial of access to certain websites, slowing down public websites, and leaving small business internet providers unable to compete.


We easily take for granted the speed at which our internet operates.  Whether your provider is a massive corporate or a small business, through the internet you are able to utilize free speech, participate democratically, and you are able to use any equipment, content, application, or service without interference from the network provider.  Internet providers are not allowed to discriminate between certain content and applications online.

For the sake of being innovative today, let’s call these internet user rights “E-Ethics”.  These E-Ethics are the very concept of net neutrality.  It is these previously stated internet user rights or E-Ethics that form the foundation of an honestly preserved free and open Internet.  With this sound foundation of protection in place, the network is only needed to move data and not given the pleasure of determining which sites or data is able to receive a higher quality of service.

AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and Time Warner Cable are huge contributors to the “reform net neutrality” movement.  These corporations, if given their way, would like to decide what websites receive certain speeds and what websites should load at all.

Content providers would be charged for a faster delivery speed and they could force internet traffic through their own search engines, internet phone services, and streaming video.  Imagine “Alice in Wonderland” directed by Tim Burton, Verizon Wireless, and Justin Bieber.

The internet would basically turn into a gridlocked one lane highway, with a ten lane highway next to it, but the ten lane highway costs an arm and a leg to travel on.  You’d pretty much feel like you were on Netscape again or still receiving those AOL upgrade disks by mail every two days.

This week’s FCC vote was held in order to enact new rules to be applied to help keep net neutrality intact.  The vote resulted to a narrow margin of three in support of the new rules implementation and two against.  It was a narrow victory, to say the least.

It looks like our country’s major communication corporations are ready to get their hands in another cookie jar.  No pun intended.  Jokes aside, we better chalk up net neutrality as a given and tenaciously add, passing a net neutrality law, to the “To-Do” list for our incoming 112th Congress.

It’s your web, so this fight will be left up to you.  Keep your eye on it though, it’s quite a doozy.

If Americans are able to be so easily terrified of a “government take-over” of anything, I don’t see us allowing a corporate take-over of our internet system, although I must say in the defense of our naïveté, we did just recently sign a corporate take-over of our nation’s health care system into law so…..

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