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US Secretary of Education is Ready to reform ‘No Child Left Behind”. Will Congress Agree?

In POLITICS TODAY on January 3, 2011 at 4:31 pm

By Maurice E. Duhon, Jr.

Monday, 12/3/11

In an op-ed published Monday in the Washington Post, US Education Secretary Arne Duncan shared his views concerning the potential common ground he believes republicans and democrats can share when it comes to updating the law that funds elementary and secondary schools.

“Few areas are more suited for bipartisan action than education reform,” Duncan wrote.

He continued on to say democrats and republicans both see problems with our No Child Left Behind Act of 2011.  The US Secretary of Education also stated it is this shared dissatisfaction for No Child Left Behind that should be used to build new legislation regarding our public school system.

Duncan supports a possible consensus in areas concerning “flexibility and fairness” in accountability policies, more spending on teachers and principals and new ways to help at-risk schools and students.

“No one likes how NCLB labels schools as failures, even when they are making broad gains,” nor that the law includes federal mandates that may not be right for all schools. Stakeholders worry that the law “is driving some educators to teach to the test instead of providing a well-rounded education,” Duncan wrote.

Statistics regarding the United States Public School System:

  • HISD 7th largest School District (14,000 total)


  • Sam Houston High School (Houston, TX): Lowest performing campus in the state of Texas.


  • High School Drop-Outs are 8 times more likely to go to prison.


  • 82% of prison inmates are high school drop-outs.


  • USA ranks 18th concerning industrialized country graduation rates.


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