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Health Care Repeal to be the 1st Action of 112th US Congres

In POLITICS TODAY on January 5, 2011 at 5:39 am

By Maurice E. Duhon, Jr.

Wednesday, 12/5/11

So let it be written, so let it be done.  Your 112th United States Congress will begin conducting serious business today.  Hopefully all of the incoming freshman Congressmen and Congresswomen know where the Congressional restrooms are located and they’ve been given an informative tour of the on-site Congressional gym facilities, cafeteria, and barbershop.  Now, with these trivialities cast to the side, we can get down to the 112th Congress’ first objective of business to be conducted.

The envelope please…  The winner, in the category of “1st Priority & Objective of business to be conducted by these United States of America’s 112th Congress”, is…

The Repeal of the year-long debated and recently passed H.R.3590 – Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, scheduled to take effect in 2014.

By no means do I imply the newly passed health care law is perfect nor am I attempting to avoid informing you of the law’s inclusion of a federal mandate or, in this particular case I use the term loosely, “forcing” of the American people to purchase some form of corporate health care.

The new health care law sits in my political belly with the same discomfort as would a spoiled piece of meat or a glass of spoiled milk, but I am forced to ponder whether the American people’s discomfort with the, for now, 2014 “sleeping” health care law outweighs the painful physical wounds and abrasions suffered by the American citizen in the form of a severe lack of employment and no new job creation.  Should an attempt to re-enter Washington’s endless health care debate to, once again, fight over what was and still is a corporate take-over of our nation’s health care system rightfully be our 112th Congress’ first action.

The 111th Congress failed to create our nation’s budget for 2011 before exiting office.  By hearing this fact and applying reason and rational thought, one should deduce any new public funding or fiscal decisions that were made during our 111th Congress will not be carried out or applied until a new Federal budget for 2011 is passed by our 112th Congress.  That simply means all legislative progress made in 2010 is and will be stagnate in process until the new budget is created and approved.

Maybe approving the 2011 Federal budget should have been the 112th Congress’ first action?  Unfortunately, approving the new 2011 budget would have thus approved funding for the inner-workings of preparation for the new health care law so technically the republicans would have supported funding for the very law they wish to repeal.

Due to a temporary halt in 2011 Federal funding, the fault of democrats and republicans, what child will not receive that book?  What road will not receive that repair?  What worker will be forced to furlough?  What patient will not receive that medical attention?

The health care law as it sits and sleeps is a quiet beast, imperfect in many ways, much like us.  It was created by our Congressional representatives in the midst of the most polluted and misinformed political discourse to be witnessed by our bronze Lady of Freedom whom stands atop our nation’s Capital dome.

The “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” and its calamity of existence exemplifies the outcome of a purposeful misinforming, a refusal of compromise, a soiling of Congressional integrity, and a massive and unjust corporate sponsored influence of our nation’s governmental bodies and their legislative actions.  The honorable Thomas Jefferson rolled over in his grave years ago.  Alexander Hamilton would have at least said, “Shame on you”, once or twice, maybe.

Before I am drowned in this depressing Shakespearean tragedy, that is today’s “American politics”, let me make what I am trying to say clear, simple, and plain.

The health care debate of 2009 happened.  It happened every day and every night.  The American people were able to attend their Town hall meetings, find their freedoms, and lose their voices.  With the passing of the “historic” health care bill into law we observed the Public-Option “Alka-Seltzer” out of existence in favor of a Federal mandate for health insurance purchase, pre-existing conditions are now “technically” a thing of the past, heath care corporations will receive loopholes and law avoidance opportunities, and corporate health providers will be drowned in a sea of new customers who are now forced to purchase their over-priced and unfair services.

My point remains mute, for I have yet to make myself and my point of conversation clear.  As with my life, there are many issues within the new health care law that I would like to change.  A person is not insane to look within themselves and recognize their activities and actions have a non-productive and destructive effect on their own life and those they are amongst.  The insanity begins with one’s recognition of having these destructive qualities and refusing to change them for the better.

When Congress begins today and the House majority republicans bring this issue of repealing the new health care law to the floor, it will be made official that in two years, two whole years, since our country’s current President assumed office, aside from the Bush Tax Cut extension (assuming the tax cuts were progress), our Congress has accomplished nothing, nada, zip, zilch, zero, a goose egg of change, if you will allow the term.

*That of course being said with this to follow as a disclaimer:

  • Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal was a monumental and historical political landmark for American Civil Rights.  It was also a common-sense issue that needed to be addressed years prior and everyday it shadowed our nation’s military it provided an injustice to a large number of American citizens and service men and women.
  • The START Treaty revisions (Nuclear Arms) Congress’ choice to ignore this international issue was inexcusable and depreciated or country’s foreign policy stance.  Each day the START Treaty lingered in limbo was a non-productive day for the dismantling of nuclear arms.

I truly support debating the new health care law, adding amendments to provide needed revisions, repairing its loopholes, and maybe even replacing it with a more worthy bill, but if in American politics two long years of woe and struggle for the American citizen produces only this unscrupulous mutation of a health care law; Who practicing a rational pattern of logic and thought would want to quickly re-enter this health care debate immediately upon arrival to Congress today and risk ignoring the imminent and threatening issues that the American people will be subjected to as they carry out their current daily lives?  Who would risk another two years of doing absolutely nothing?

We ignored our $13 trillion dollar debt to argue about health care.  Through tax incentives and tax havens we promote the corporate outsourcing of American jobs while we argue about health care.  Unjust foreclosures on homes and mortgages cast American families into the streets and our Social Security program is tampered with while we argue about health care.  When we are all uneducated, jobless, and homeless will we still wish to argue about healthcare?

If you must repeal the new health care law and cancel its existence then repeal it after you introduce a jobs solution.  Repeal the law and all its wretchedness once you have brought forth a proper revised tax policy.  Repeal the new health care law, rescind it, revoke it, renounce it, render it obsolete, enforce it to be no more but do so only after you have tended to the matters of extreme importance that, in the two years of your Congressional boondoggle, have severely affected the wellbeing of the hard working and ever so patient American people.

Health care Repeal will be introduced to the floor of Congress today.  This of course was a republican campaign promise and will set up the symbolic “republicans vs. Obama” fight some seem to drool over.  The republicans have simply shown that the plight of the American people will be placed on the back burner to allow a showdown with President Barack Obama over what some may call his signature domestic policy achievement.

According to Majority Leader-elect Eric Cantor (R-Va.) the bill posted Monday, the Rules Committee meets Thursday, and the rule for the debate is to be considered on the House floor Friday with the repeal vote to follow on Wednesday, Jan 12.

Who told you things move slowly in Washington?  As you can see you were sorely mistaken.

In an attempt to link the repeal effort to job creation, Republicans have named the bill “Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act” (Congressional maturity at its finest).

Democrats maintain a control of the Senate and the President can veto the repeal legislation.  The democrat majority in the Senate have already vowed to strike down the bill so in layman’s terms that translates to this whole process being merely symbolic and a total waste of the American tax payers’ money and time.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) stated, “With the evidence showing that health reform is helping our economy, I can only imagine that Republicans are trying to appease the extremist elements who have taken over their party. I expect cooler heads will prevail in the Senate.”

Monday, in a letter to House Speaker-elect John Boehner (R-Ohio) the Senate democratic leadership detailed the benefits that would be lost if Republicans succeeded in repealing the law, such as closing the “doughnut hole” in the Medicare prescription drug benefit for senior citizens.

“This is no minor reform. But almost as soon as it has taken effect, it is already in jeopardy,” the letter stated.

The ideological disconnect and gaping void of miscommunication that separates the American people from our duly elected political representatives continues to grow larger as the days come and go.  Once loud enough to shake the world and literally bring walls tumbling down, if not already silenced, the American voice is now just a faint inaudible tone unrecognized by Congressional, Senatorial, and Presidential frequencies.


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